Many companies offer window cleaning. We customize our services to the condition of your windows. Our goal is to give your windows the servicing they need. If you windows have been cleaned on a regular basis, then our maintenance cleaning package is all you would need. first we brush and vacuum the tracks, paying close attention to remove as much debris and dust as possible. Then we brush off the exterior and wash the glass followed by washing the interior. Finally we wash the screens and install into their respective windows.

If you haven’t cleaned your windows in years, we suggest the deep cleaning package. first we dis-assemble the window, removing the sliding pane (also known as the sash). The frame/vinyl is scrubbed and washed with hot water. Once the dirt and stains are removed, the window is then re-assembled and the glass is washed. Now your windows can be maintained with a periodic maintenance window cleaning.

Have hard water stains? We can remove those ugly stains without using harsh acids. Our process is safe on all surfaces and will transform your windows to as close to new as possible.

Have scratches on your windows? We can repair your windows and save you tons of money in the process. 

You can pay less or more, But, Compare the fine print! Point by point the best value for your money. Others will be vague. Tell you in beautiful terms that they will clean your windows without giving you much detail. Not Here!

Our Mission

  • To strive to meet your home or facilities needs to the utmost professional standards that our physical abilities will allow.
  • To Maintain communication through out the time we are servicing you and make your experience with us a good one.
  • To be your first choice for the services we provide because we have earned your trust based on our performance.
  • To Make sure we provide our services fully insured and that your home or facility are not exposed to liability because of our neglect or lack of training.
  • To abide by employment standards as required by law and charge enough to cover our costs and pay enough to keep quality employees.