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What is the purpose of this website?

This website was created to streamline your experience. It allows you to quickly find what you need done, figure out how much it will cost, schedule when it will be done, and never have to talk to someone to do so.

Which Company created this website?

 Exclusive Window Cleaning of Chula Vista, CA.

How soon can I get my windows serviced?

Call our office and check for availability before purchasing. In the off season, winter, we are booked about 2 weeks out. In the rest of the year, about 2 months out. Our services are highly sought after and many of our customers will book the next visit after seeing our workmanship after the initial visit.

what is your cancellation policy?

Rain is always an automatic re-book unless the customer wants it still kept. Otherwise, 24 hour notice is required to reschedule our services. Deal is subject to forfeiture.

What Days are you available?

Our business days are Sunday-Friday. 8 am-6 pm with starting time slots for appointments at 8 am and 2 pm.

Do you service my area?

Our standard charge is $150.00 minimum. Our service area is listed above. For deal pricing we stay within 20 miles of 91915. You can find our deals on a page coming soon.

How do you determine if I am outside your service area?

Google our address and get directions from the house you would have us service. If the distance is greater than 20.0 miles, our distance charge applies.

[accordion-item_inner title=”You show you have different window cleaning services. How do I determine what kind of cleaning I need?”] [/accordion-item_inner]

Our standard maintenance window cleaning is for windows that are cleaned at least yearly. Heavily soiled windows, because of years of neglect, would require our Deep clean package. Our window detail package is done for customers who want only the best and like to have attention to detail from those who they contract. These customers keep their windows immaculate and look for the level of attention to detail we offer.

I have a townhouse that has a garage and then the first and second floor is above that. Is that still a 2 story building and can you clean my windows ?

We limit our jobs to those we can service with a 20 ft. ladder. If we can’t reach them, we don’t.

What are french-cut windows?

Windows that are divided up in square or rectangle sections on each pane. These come in many varieties, shapes and sizes. You can see one example in a picture here.

Do you do skylights?

yes. Skylights are billed at $35 per skylight.

How long does it take to do a Deep cleaning?

About one man hour for every 2-3 panes.

How far out should I schedule my window cleaning?

You can check availability anytime! Simply click the book online button, choose the service you want done, and press the next button. Our calendar pops up and you can choose the day and time slot that works for you.

What is the best homemade window cleaner?
    The best homemade window cleaner doesn’t exist. Some people try to mix vinegar with something else and you the hear they use newspaper or chamois. The truth is each cleaning situation is different. 

  • Are you cleaning everyday dust from you windows? Believe it or not, regular dish soap will do. 
  • Do you have hard water stains? One part CLR to 5 parts water “works” but the CLR can damage any other surfaces it comes in contact with (you have been warned). A safer solution is use the vinegar here (vinegar is slow to work so you may have to let it “soak” in).
  • Have you grilled close to the windows and the smoke and soot are building up on your windows? Windex generously applied with a scrubber (also know as a T bar) and removed with a squeegee will work nicely!
    In any situation, like those mentioned above, the right tools make for the best job done. Unless you have the smokey soot or hard water stains, a squeegee is the most effective answer regardless of what “home made” window cleaner you are using.
How do you charge for window cleaning?
    How much you charge for window cleaning is dependent on your overhead. Most guys starting out think that $35.00-$50.00 per hour is a lot. Now factor in your employee costs. Let’s say your employee is new. You are training him. What would be the hourly rate he is worth? Minimum wage? 
    “Effective January 1, 2020, the City’s minimum wage will increase to $13.00 per hour. Employers must provide each employee earned sick leave.”
Here in San Diego, the cost of living is high. As someone who grew up in San Diego, I can say it’s always been expensive to live here. A single person living well in the middle class and able to cover their bills and save for retirement every month needs to earn at least $75,000. A family of three needs at least $150,000. 
For numbers sake, let’s take the single person’s $75,000.00 number. Divide the $75,000.00 figure by 12. You get $6,250.00… Per month. Now let’s make it a regular work week. 5 days. In the month of march there are 22 week days. $6,250.00/22= $284.00 per day. Divided into 8 hours you get roughly $35.50/hour! But wait…     THERE IS MORE! Using these numbers, factor in insurance cost (General Liability, Commercial auto, and the biggie… Workman’s Comp!) vehicle costs, payroll services, advertising/marketing costs, etc.
So we come back to the same question… How do you charge for window cleaning… $70/hr.
How much can you make as a window cleaner?

As the minimum wage goes up, so does the amount a good window cleaner can ask. Newbies usually start around Minimum plus $.50. As target and Walmart start paying their employees $15.00/hr.,  the amount to keep good window cleaners will go up, Currently as of the writing of this answer, experienced window cleaners start at about $17.00/hr. with journeymen window cleaners making around $25.00+… well below the middle class livable wage.

What does window cleaning include?

From company to company this answer can be different. Also, the condition of the windows and what the home owner can budget can determine this. Have the windows been maintained? Is the glass neglected? Have hard water stains formed due to sprinkler over spray? Does the home owner want exterior only or everything done? Your standard maintenance cleaning Includes the following:

  • We start Opening each window and removing the screen. Then we brush and vacuum the tracks, paying attention to all areas around the glass.
  • Next we clean around the outside of each window and wash the glass.
  • Then the inside. Done in this order you can see how well the outside turned out and can make any corrections.
  • Then the screens are washed and re-installed.
Do you tip a Window washer?

Only If your window cleaner has done a good job. 

How often should windows be cleaned?

Windows should be cleaned every 3-6 months.

Is window cleaning profitable?

If you charge correctly, keeping in mind all insurance, employee, and vehicle costs… and then charge your profit… yes.

Do window cleaners need a license?
Each city you do business in will require you pay them their business license fee. As of now, The state of California does not require a contractor’s license for window cleaning.
How do you clean really dirty windows?

Neglected windows can be brushed first using a counter brush to knock off most of the dirt then you wash normally with soap and water, applying the solution with a scrubber and cleaning it off with the squeegee.

How long does it take to clean a window?

Regularly maintained windows take about 5-7 minutes when brushing and vacuuming tracks, cleaning inside and out, and washing and replacing the screen.

Do you tip self employed window cleaner?

Being a self employed window cleaner… The best thing you can do is give him a review if you liked his work. If not, share your thoughts with him. This will be of more value to him that the tip.

How many windows does the average house have?

There is no real average number. Older homes have less. New homes have 4 to 5 times the amount.

How much does window cleaning insurance cost?

For someone starting out, The cost of insurance can be a few hundred dollars. For an established company it can be $10,000.00+

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Professional window cleaners around the world use the same tools. The squeegee and a T-bar/scrubber. These are the standard tools of the industry. The solution used is soapy water. The solution isn’t the secret. It is the skill with the squeegee.

How do you get streak free windows?

Clean the edges of the top and left side of the glass using your finger wrapped in a towel. Take a squeegee of appropriate size and use it from left to right. Start at the top left corner and work your way from left to right making sure to overlap each stroke from top to bottom. Once done, wipe any remaining water on the edges with a dry portion of a towel. 

How often should outside windows be cleaned?

The outside of windows can be cleaned as often as needed. Every 2-3 months is optimal. Once a year is more common but not recommended.

How we determine price of services rendered.

We determine price by how long it takes to do the job. Maintenance cleaning takes roughly 3 hours to do about 25 window panes on a 2 story home. To make $50.00/hr. Price would need to be $6 per pane. The same amount of panes doing a deep cleaning takes 12 hrs. or $24.00 per pane.

How do professionals clean windows?

Professionals clean windows using a variety of tools. Soapy water and a squeegee is the most common. Techniques vary on how to use the squeegee. A pole may be used or a ladder to get closer to higher windows. In some instances a water fed window cleaning system is used. This method uses ultra pure water to wash the outside of the glass and dries clean leaving no streaks. It is used to clean hard to reach windows from the ground. In this case, no squeegee is needed. 

How do I start a window cleaning business

First things first… Make a plan. Decide how to set up your business as Corporation or sole proprietor. Talk to a business attorney. He or she will give you insight as to what to choose and help you do it right. You will also need a good CPA/Book keeper. This is the foundation of your business. Skip this step and it will come back to bite you in the future.

You will need a business license from the city you plan to market in/do business in. Decide on your Business name. Register it at the county recorders office. Get Insurance. General Liability and Commercial Auto. Get Bonded. Once you have all this, Go to your local bank and set up your Business checking/savings  accounts.

Keep in mind that you are now a business, not worker. Talk to a payroll specialist. Figure out your costs to have employees, what workman’s comp will cost you, a vehicle (payment, fuel, insurance) and set  your prices  to make a profit over and above these costs.

Invest in you image. How you are perceived will be crucial to how much you can charge. Uniforms, Stock images for marketing, a Website, all will contribute to who will want you to work for them and will attract the right customer.

Set up you information online. Your presence on the internet is crucial to your success. Use a business citation service to get yourself listed across the internet. Making a website can be cost prohibitive. Youtube tutorials can show you how to make one and how to make it show up on page one of Google. This website was made from a youtube tutorial. Any more questions feel free to contact me.