Comprehensive Commercial Window Maintenance Program

Today’s restaurant and storefront window maintenance needs vary greatly. Windows constantly need cleaning, hard water stains need remediation, scratches need repair. As a valued customer, your franchise locations will receive these services customized to your business’s needs and at very competitive rates. No longer do you have to replace windows that have been damaged by vandals who carve into them damaging your store image. With pricing starting at just $145.00, the graffiti and hard water stains on your locations windows can be a thing of the past.







Did you know that the biggest source of damage to your windows could be your window cleaner? Many times businesses base their decision on what company services their windows because of the lowest bid. The window cleaning company then will try to provide that service as quickly as possible to maximize their profitability. In so doing, the care given to not damaging glass goes out the window! Dirty equipment from the last job is used because time constraints and budget don’t allow for changing it for clean equipment. The job is rushed and soon scratches are found on your windows because of these decisions. We pride ourselves on being educated on proper procedures for window washing and care. The quality of service matters more than the quantity. If we can’t service your windows at the quality level our standards demand, we won’t bid it just to get it.  Our bids will include a report on how we came to our conclusion and the will include free window cleaning to see how long it will take to service your establishments. For a free evaluation and estimate, contact us at (619) 708-2875. We look forward to hearing from you.