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How you can tell if your windows are failing

Have your windows gone foggy? Do your windows look dirty even after you have had them cleaned? If you have cleaned both sides and they still look dirty or foggy, and don’t have solar film on them, your windows have failed. The following article from gives a comprehensive answer to the why of this happening. […]

Types of glass used in today’s Architecture and construction

Although there are many types of glass used in architecture, the main types used today are Tempered, Annealed, Laminated, mirror, and Insulated Glass units (IGU). Each type and their different characteristics will be briefly covered in the following sections. Tempered glass is one of 2 kinds of safety glass commonly used in architecture where standard […]

How to choose the right service for your windows.

Your windows are your eyes to the outside world. They let in light, can brighten your mood, and are one of the biggest investments in our homes. From the low 3-4 hundred per window installed to the $18,000.00 to $40,000.00 beauties found in many beautiful homes around San Diego. Not every window has been maintained […]