How to save 30% on you window cleaning

Chula Vista Window Cleaning

Here’s the secret! Attention Chula Vista! In 2020, Exclusive Window Cleaning is offering 10% off of your window cleaning for every new customer referred by you up to 30%! Simply Call 3 friends that are getting their windows cleaned. Recommend Exclusive Window Cleaning to them and have them mention you as the person who referred […]

How you can tell if your windows are failing

Have your windows gone foggy? Do your windows look dirty even after you have had them cleaned? If you have cleaned both sides and they still look dirty or foggy, and don’t have solar film on them, your windows have failed. The following article from gives a comprehensive answer to the why of this happening. […]

Types of glass used in today’s Architecture and construction

Although there are many types of glass used in architecture, the main types used today are Tempered, Annealed, Laminated, mirror, and Insulated Glass units (IGU). Each type and their different characteristics will be briefly covered in the following sections. Tempered glass is one of 2 kinds of safety glass commonly used in architecture where standard […]

Hard water stains

Hard water stains are caused by minerals like calcium and magnesium found in your water. When windows or shower doors get wet, the water evaporates but leaves mineral deposits behind. Over time, these deposits build up and become more and more visible. They first appear as droplets on your glass. Then, over time, they become […]

How to examine a window cleaning deal

Many websites have window cleaning deals that are enticing. The “$49.00 for $100 worth of services“….”$99.00 for $200“…. others bill “hourly“. How do you know what is really a value? Are they trying to do the best job possible? Or, are they just trying to get in and out fast enough so they don’t lose […]