How window cleaning companies have kept prices low

As a window cleaner in San Diego, I have admired the beautiful homes of the north county. I always wanted to be the one to service their windows. I thought to myself, ‘ If I could build my business there, it would be Awesome!’.

One day as, I walked through to the food court at Plaza Bonita, I saw one of the window cleaners of a company that primarily worked in Rancho Santa Fe and the Affluent parts of San Diego I wished to service. I had interviewed for a position with them when I had been in my 20’s. Eager to get more experience as a window cleaner, I had spoken with the owner. It wasn’t a good fit as the pay wasn’t what I expected.

Now, as I saw this young man, still wearing the company uniform, I approached him and introduced myself. He was cordial and friendly. He had a Hispanic accent and was open to talking about his work. I told him I had interviewed for a job working with his employer about 10 years previous and was an admirer of how his company was able to be a dominant player in the higher end parts of San Diego county.

He smiled and said with pride, “We are the most expensive company in Rancho Santa Fe and Fairbanks Ranch. We charge $5.00 per window. Other companies charge $4.50 per window.”

Hearing this I was shocked! A standard window has 2 panes. To cover employee costs and make a profit, I charged $6.00 per pane. That is $12.00 per window if they are standard 2 pane windows! Where I charged $12.00, they charged $5.00!!!

I asked him, “How do they do this and still make money?”

He was very open about how they operated. “I am treated as an independent contractor. Whatever the price is, I get half the job”.

In my head I ran the numbers. It takes about one hour to clean 7 panes on a 2 story house using our method. That means if the windows being cleaned are standard 2 pane windows, The gross charged per hour is $17.50 per hour. Half that is $8.75 Per hour!

Needles to say, I we will not try to compete with companies like this one. To use a hard working person in this manner would not be legal or moral. So, are we more expensive? yes. Are we priced to cover employee costs? yes. I can honestly say, I couldn’t sleep well at night if I didn’t. If you feel okay with hiring because of price… ones like this company offers, we are not for you. If you want a company that offers quality service at a legal and decent price, We are for you.


Ruben Wade

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