The Homeowners Guide to Window Cleaning Deals

The Homeowners Guide to Window Cleaning Deals

Need to have your windows cleaned but don’t know what deal is really a value? Want to get the best Value for your hard earned dollar? Is it confusing knowing how to gauge which deal is the right one for you? Are you serious about the maintenance of your windows or will a partial cleaning do? Maybe you don’t really care about your windows being REALLY clean, as long as you can see through the glass. Rest assured, there is a deal out there for everyone!

In the following paragraphs, you will read what I believe to be the first guide of it’s kind. I will try to update it for accuracy from time to time. And, although I strive to do the best job I can do, my deals may not be the ones you are looking for. In the free market we live in, the best consumer is the informed consumer. Therefore, for this purpose I am publishing this article. Only after considering the points I will make, do I suggest you consider what deal fits you best.

The kind of window matters

Although you may not be familiar with the different kinds of windows, this is very important to consider. If you don’t have the standard window and it needs extra work to clean, it may not be included in the ‘deal’ you are getting. More than a few people have paid good money only to find that their windows do not qualify for the promotion they paid for. Examples of this are windows with exterior grids, otherwise known as “french-cut” windows or Windows that need to be opened to clean between the 2 panes of glass they comprise of. Pretty soon these could add up to doubling the price of even the regular rates

Foreign debris

Having the windows cleaned usually only includes regular dirt build-up and bug stains. Paint and post construction debris will never be included in a deal. The reason is because standard cleaning methods will not clean this type of splatter and, using a razor blade incorrectly will lead to scratches, hard feelings, and even greater liability. Taking on such a task without proper training and knowledge will almost always do more damage than good.

Exterior only

Need the windows to be touched up? Have you had your windows done a few months ago but have a special event and exterior only will fit the bill? Look for this kind of deal! Otherwise, this may be the case if your price is really low. Upon closer inspection you may also find that the exterior only rates per pane may be higher than if both inside and outside are done on the whole house!


Look closely to see if your half price discount applies to only a few hours of actual cleaning. Regular rates could apply to the rest of the time it takes them to finish the job. In our experience, it has taken about 4-6 hours to clean most homes with about 25 panes. Most companies target hourly rate is $50.00 per man hour. If you got a discount on only 2 hours, you could be on the hook for up to $200.00 above what the promotion cost you!


Neglected Window

If you don’t read any mention of cleaning of the tracks, usually that will be an upgrade. If you do see it mentioned, pay close attention to how the cleaning of these is specified. The tracking the window slides on many times can be the most tedious part of window cleaning. Unless you have them cleaned quarterly, the dirt that accumulates may need more than ‘wiping’. If you are not sure, go over to your windows and look at them. If you can imagine just a ‘wipe’ will do, you may be happy with what your deal offers. Otherwise, expect an upgrade.


The best method of cleaning normal screens that are in good condition is washing them. If the screens are in poor condition due to sun damage, brushing them may be preferred. If only brushing is offered in your deal, washing may be an upgrade.


Huge Savings

Pay attention to what is being sold to you. The retail price of the deal, the regular price, may not be realistic. Many times this will be the case with deals that don’t specify per pane and are vague in defining what a “window” is. In this case, many companies will specify that a standard window is comprised of 2 panes or one large pane. This sounds fair except when you divide the full retail price by the number of windows it covers. This could be as much as $11-12.00 per pane. Therefore the cost per window could be, following the math, $22-24.00 per window. Our full retail price for our maintenance cleaning package is $8.00 per pane. Our discounted deal price is $4.00 per pane. Depending on the number of panes in your home, Choose the right one for you.


Whatever your case may be, the right deal for you is out there. Our deals include interior and exterior cleaning of the glass, brushing, vacuuming, and wiping of the tracks, and whenever possible, washing of the screens. If your screens are in poor condition, ask about our screen service.

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