The mistakes every homeowner needs to avoid.

In my years in the cleaning industry servicing homes, there has been a common mistake made time and time again. People assume that if they buy a “cleaner” at the store and it says it will remove hard water stains, It is safe to use on their Glass shower walls and doors. They don’t realize that what they are using can be made of harsh acids or Alkaline chemicals that are caustic and they damage the surfaces they try to clean. Hard water deposits, along with soap scum, can be etched into the glass surfaces they are attached too. These common household “cleaners” are used without knowing of what they do. Products like CLR, Kaboom, and Lime-away are acid based and can cause this to happen if used incorrectly. Ever have the stains that just, no matter what you use, can’t be removed from your shower doors and glass? Chances are the very cleaners you have used, and even the scouring sponges, have damaged them. If this is the case, only scratch removal can fix that shower door or glass wall. We can evaluate what it is you need done… Hard water stain removal or full on glass restoration, and then bring back the beauty of your shower doors. Call us for your free evaluation. Our hard water stain removal services usually run a third of what it costs to replace.

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