How to examine a window cleaning deal

This is what you see

Many websites have window cleaning deals that are enticing. The “$49.00 for $100 worth of services“….”$99.00 for $200“…. others bill “hourly“.

  • How do you know what is really a value?
  • Are they trying to do the best job possible? Or,
  • are they just trying to get in and out fast enough so they don’t lose money?

This is what's really happening

The deal, depending on who you bought it from, takes the regular price a company charges for its service and cuts it in half. Then 40-50% of that goes to whoever it was purchased from; and any credit card charges are also paid by the company that comes to clean your windows. Why do this? Simple. For the opportunity to show you, the consumer, how well they can do their job.

Can a business survive on $24.95 or $49.95 per job? NO! They are hoping to up sell and keep you as a future customer. Read the fine print and you will see what you are really getting!

Neglected Window

For the most part, the track the window runs on, is almost never mentioned. Or, if it is, it says tracks will be ‘wiped’.

In real life, if you wiped the tracks in the picture above, realistically speaking, how clean would they get? Here, the effort needed to do it right would be how much more?  Would you pay for that? Does the deal include interior and exterior? Screens are best cleaned by washing them. For many that can be an upgrade!

This is what you can expect from us

The deals you will find here are written with as much detail given as possible. Each type of window cleaning is even illustrated with an accompanying video so you know for sure just what you are getting.

Exclusive Window Cleaning is our business name as of January 2016. Before we were known as Custom Cleaning Services. Because our name said nothing about window cleaning, we have re-branded. We now exclusively clean residential windows. In the last 18 months we have serviced almost 500 customers. Our reviews speak for themselves. You can find us on Angie’s list, Groupon, and Yelp. Our goal, when we come to your home, is to give you the best services possible for the price, and to raise the bar with what you should expect for your money. If you like our services, please give us a review, If we have not met your expectations, You have a happiness guarantee. We promise to keep at it until you are satisfied. We look forward to servicing you soon.


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