How to choose the right service for your windows.

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Your windows are your eyes to the outside world. They let in light, can brighten your mood, and are one of the biggest investments in our homes. From the low 3-4 hundred per window installed to the $18,000.00 to $40,000.00 beauties found in many beautiful homes around San Diego.

Not every window has been maintained the same. Many windows have been neglected. Years have gone by and the once beautiful panes are now brown and dingy.

Other windows have been maintained… Cleaned annually, bi-annually, or even quarterly.

Still, other windows have been Pampered! Glass and Tracks cleaned monthly. Screens dressed so they shine as if they were brand new! Whatever the case may be, we have the right package for you.

Our Deep Cleaning Service

Has it been years since your windows have been shown some love and attention? Do you have to pull weeds from your window tracks because the dirt is so bad? Are you thinking of selling your home and don’t want to invest the thousands to change out your windows for better curb appeal? Then, our  Deep Cleaning Service is for you. You can see exactly how we can transform your windows without breaking the bank! Just click on this link Here.

Our Maintenance Cleaning package

Have you regularly maintained you windows? Do want to save on your regularly scheduled window cleaning? have you been disillusioned by the other “Deals” purchased online? Thinking you were getting a deal only to find that there were hidden “extras” like tracks being cleaned properly and screen washing or they rushed through and their work was less than expected? Not here! Our regular Maintenance Cleaning is custom made just for you! Here, we list what you can expect in detail and you can see it put into action on video Here.

Our Detail Cleaning Service


Do you treasure your beautiful windows? Is your home immaculate and are your windows the show piece of your home? Have you spent lavishly on your abode and like to keep everything pristine? Then, our Detail Cleaning Service is for you. Like our Hot water wash, we also include treating of the screens to keep them looking their best. The steps to what you get can be found in our services section and a video of us in action can be viewed here.


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